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There’s a place at the table for you.

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday

822 SW 2nd St.


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Our Mission

With God's help, we will feed the hungry of Yamhill County, treat our guests with the dignity and ​love that we would a guest in our own home, and provide others the opportunity to serve.

How you can help.

The Soup Kitchen is under the umbrella of St. Barnabas Episcopal Parish and ​its 501(c)3 status and the church is its principal sponsor. However, without ​the offerings of time, talent and treasure from the individuals and businesses ​in the community and grants, we could not continue to fulfill our mission to ​feed the hungry.

Without time, talent and treasure from the community, we could not ​continue our mission to feed the hungry.

Individuals and groups can volunteer to help with meal preparation and/or ​serve dinner guests or organize a fundraiser. Please contact the Rev. Betty ​McWhorter at rector@stbmac.org for more information.

Local farmers and businesses can donate food in bulk. Because we are a food ​ministry, rather than a food back or pantry, we can only accept food donations ​in a quantity that can be used to prepare one of our meals.

Another way to help us, is by following Friends of the Soup Kitchen on ​Facebook and Instagram--and invite others to do the same!

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Fresh, local produce from the community, like this ​bounty of corn, pears, tomatoes from Draper Farms, ​make it possible to prepare nutritious homecooked ​meals.

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Steve's favorite part of being a volunteer is ​interacting with dinner guests. "I know a lot ​people who come in on a first name basis," he ​said.

The Soup Kitchen depends on faithful volunteers. People are needed ​for meal prep in the morning and to serve meals in the afternoon.

You can serve alone, with friends or family members, a club or most ​any other group you are part of.

Some volunteers serve once a week; others once a month.

Interested? The first step is to call 503-472-3711 or email us at ​sk@stbmac.org and leave your name, contact information and ​availability.


If you'd like to sign up online, fill out the short online form ​above.

Ed and Janice were eager to begin volunteering again when ​the dining room reopened for in-house dining October 2022, ​they said. "We've been volunteering quite a few years, " Ed ​said. "It was before 2015."

Organize a fundraiser.

Another way you can help is by organizing a fundraiser like a ​small group of friends did last fall. After running their idea by ​The Soup Kitchen's executive director, they were given the ​go-ahead to organize a cooking class with the end goal of ​raising the funds for a much needed handwashing station.

Lynda Phillipi came up with the unique idea for the event, ​which she hosted in her home.

Sam Parra of Parra Wines donated the libations and under ​the instruction of Chef Charles Vollmar from EpicureanExchange, students created a delicious four-course meal.

These friends took part in a cooking class fundraiser that was a ​smashing success. Those in attendance had a great time--and met ​their fundraising goal!

Got a fundraising idea?

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Donate money.

Like most nonprofits, The Soup Kitchen depends on financial ​donations from individuals, businesses, clubs and other organizations ​to fulfill its mission.

Every dollar helps us feed the hungry of Yamhill County.

Please consider making a one time donation or, if you are able, giving ​on an ongoing basis.

Donate online at PayPal or Square icons, or by check.

The Soup Kitchen does not recommend sending money by mail, so ​please stop by the church office at 822 SW Second Street if you ​would like to make a cash donation.

Make checks payable to

The Soup Kitchen at St. Barnabas

P.O. Box 539, McMinnville, Oregon 97128.

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Donate food--in bulk.

We welcome food donations as well!

Please keep in mind, donated foods do need to be of an amount ​that we can prepare a dish for all of our dinner guests, which can ​range from 60-100 people.

If you would like to donate food in bulk,

contact our Operations Manager at


The Soup Kitchen

at St. Barnabas

hours o​f operation

Monday through Friday

4:00 - 6pm


822 SW 2nd St, ​McMinnville, OR 97128


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We are an equal opportunity provider.

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