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There’s a place at the table for you.

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday

822 SW 2nd St.


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Our Mission

With God's help, we will feed the hungry of Yamhill County, treat our guests with the dignity and ​love that we would a guest in our own home, and provide others the opportunity to serve.

How you can help.

The Soup Kitchen is under the umbrella of St. Barnabas Episcopal Parish and its 501(c)3 status and the church is its principal sponsor. However, without the offerings of time, talent and treasure from the individuals and businesses in the community and grants, we could not continue to fulfill our mission to feed the hungry.

Without time, talent and treasure from the community, we could not continue our mission to feed the hungry.

Individuals and groups can volunteer to help with meal preparation and/or serve dinner guests or organize a fundraiser. Please contact the Rev. Cathy Clark at rector@stbmac.org for more information.

Local farmers and businesses can donate food in bulk. Because we are a food ministry, rather than a food back or pantry, we can only accept food donations in a quantity that can be used to prepare one of our meals.

Another way to help us, is by following Friends of the Soup Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram--and invite others to do the same!

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Fresh, local produce from the community, like this ​bounty of corn, pears, tomatoes from Draper Farms, ​make it possible to prepare nutritious homecooked ​meals.

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Steve's favorite part of being a volunteer is ​interacting with dinner guests. "I know a lot ​people who come in on a first name basis," he ​said.

The Soup Kitchen depends on faithful volunteers. People are needed ​for meal prep in the morning and to serve meals in the afternoon.

You can serve alone, with friends or family members, a club or most ​any other group you are part of.

Some volunteers serve once a week; others once a month.

Interested? The first step is to call 503-472-3711 or email us at ​sk@stbmac.org and leave your name, contact information and ​availability.


If you'd like to sign up online, fill out the short online form ​above.

Ed and Janice were eager to begin volunteering again when ​the dining room reopened for in-house dining October 2022, ​they said. "We've been volunteering quite a few years, " Ed ​said. "It was before 2015."

Organize a fundraiser.

Another way you can help is by organizing a fundraiser like a ​small group of friends did last fall. After running their idea by ​The Soup Kitchen's executive director, they were given the ​go-ahead to organize a cooking class with the end goal of ​raising the funds for a much needed handwashing station.

Lynda Phillipi came up with the unique idea for the event, ​which she hosted in her home.

Sam Parra of Parra Wines donated the libations and under ​the instruction of Chef Charles Vollmar from EpicureanExchange, students created a delicious four-course meal.

These friends took part in a cooking class fundraiser that was a ​smashing success. Those in attendance had a great time--and met ​their fundraising goal!

Got a fundraising idea?

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Donate money.

Like most nonprofits, The Soup Kitchen depends on financial ​donations from individuals, businesses, clubs and other organizations ​to fulfill its mission.

Every dollar helps us feed the hungry of Yamhill County.

Please consider making a one time donation or, if you are able, giving ​on an ongoing basis.

Donate online at PayPal or Square icons, or by check.

The Soup Kitchen does not recommend sending money by mail, so ​please stop by the church office at 822 SW Second Street if you ​would like to make a cash donation.

Make checks payable to

The Soup Kitchen at St. Barnabas

P.O. Box 539, McMinnville, Oregon 97128.

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Donate food--in bulk.

We welcome food donations as well!

Please keep in mind, donated foods do need to be of an amount ​that we can prepare a dish for all of our dinner guests, which can ​range from 60-100 people.

If you would like to donate food in bulk,

contact our Operations Manager at


The Soup Kitchen

at St. Barnabas

hours o​f operation

Monday through Friday

4:00 - 6pm


822 SW 2nd St, ​McMinnville, OR 97128


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We are an equal opportunity provider.

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